Al. Tadeusza Rejtana 23/1.1
35-326 Rzeszów
+(48) 17 717 65 45
we support Polish business initiatives with countries
of East Europe and the other way around as well
Enlarge the range
of your business
with the advice of our experts
you will only make the right choices
unnecessary risk
chose the ideal form of doing business
and a beneficial clearing system
comprehensive development due
to a wide range of resources
of capital
and business


Virtual Office

The Virtual Office services allow for reducing the cost of running a business: the entrepreneurs can skip the cost of renting premises, buying office equipment…


Co-working is the way to work comfortably in an office environment, yet without having to rent an office space on your own. Co-working lets you optimize the costs…


Podkarpacki Inkubator Technologii Informatycznych provides consultancy services in various fields: company management, businessplan preparation and obtaining…

IT services

As part of our IT services, we offer help in identifying the real necessities of the entrepreneurs, trying to match them with adequate, comprehensive solutions of the highest…

Our complex approach to the Customer’s needs leads to a synergy between capital and business

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